Tips for getting the most charming and unforgettable newborn baby photos possible

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Babies are magical beings. They are so tiny and helpless and yet so happy and heartwarming and charming that everyone falls in love with them. But this is a very brief time in your child’s life, and you will want to capture it as beautifully as you can before it’s gone. And to do that as effectively as possible, there are six very important tips that we recommend you follow. Those tips are:

  1. Schedule your photo session for your child as soon as you can; plan for your first baby photos when your child is between one and three weeks old.
  1. Think about your child’s natural schedule and try to arrange your photographic session around his or her nap and feeding times. If at all possible, it would be best to feed your child before you leave home. If you do that, then his or her stomach can settle before the photo session, and there will be no fussiness, spitting-up, or anything of that nature.
  1. A fussy baby can be very challenging to deal with at any time, but especially during something like a photo shoot. Thus you should bring some items that you know will give comfort to your baby, including for example, a pacifier, or a favorite blanket, wipes and diapers, and anything required for feeding.
  1. And don’t forget yourself! No photo of your baby can be complete without you, the parents, so be sure that you have brought the right clothes and accessories to be a part of the picture.
  1. Get yourself a manicure. A precious photo of a tiny baby’s hand in yours is something that can turn into a lifelong memory. But if you’re going to take a close-up photo of your hands, those hands have got to look good.
  1. Make careful plans for milestone photos—for photos that can serve as signposts of your baby’s growth. The most common dates for milestone photos, after the original photos in the first 4 weeks of life, is at the 3-month mark, the six- month mark, the nine-month mark, and the first year mark.